A Home Away From Home

OASIS offers comfortable, spacious accommodation for patients and their carers travelling from rural areas for medical treatment in Adelaide. If you have a need for accommodation please call our office (08 8234 5802), and let us endeavour to assist you.

OASIS is a ‘Home Away from Home’ providing a restful place to stay when facing challenging circumstances.

The self-catering arrangement of OASIS provides a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and laundry and individual bedrooms.

The accommodation is a two-bedroom unit located at Brighton in between the beach and Marion Shopping Centre and close to Flinders Medical Centre by car or bus.

Cost $50 per night for single
$90 per night for double
$10 for each extra person

People living more than 100 kilometres from the city may be eligible for assistance from the Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (P.A.T.S.)

Click here to download the brochure.

If you need to visit the city under challenging circumstances OASIS can be a home base for you. 

Here’s what people have said about Oasis:

“Thank you for allowing me to stay at OASIS.
I was very comfortable and grateful for the accommodation.

It enabled me to spend time with my daughter after her emergency caesarean and my teeny weeny granddaughter who was 9 weeks early, weighing 1.250grms. They are both progressing well now so it is time for me to return home to my husband and family. Thank you once more.

Don’t know where we would be without this service. Absolutely invaluable.
Everything you could want, and feels just like home. Thank you so much.

Thank you very much for your kind support at a time when I was lost. It has raised my belief in humanity.
Thank you sincerely

What a wonderful place, could not ask for anything more, much appreciated having a place for family to rest. Many thanks

Thanks again, we had yet another amazing stay. We are so grateful to all that keep OASIS running.
It truly is a home away from home (ours now for the third time!) love the new screen doors!
Love and hugs to all of the OASIS Careworks crew for it sure is amazing everything you do.
May you all be blessed.

After being at the mercy of a medical emergency and landing in a strange city it was a relief
to find such a peaceful place to stay. Thank you for easing our stress and making us so welcome.
May God bless you and your ministry.

What a wonderful facility for someone who knew nothing and no one in Adelaide.
You have enabled us to spend quality time with a very sick brother and meet an extraordinary
co- guest visiting her ill husband and forge a wonderful friendship. You more than live up to the adage ‘a home away from home’. A beautiful concept and a real haven in times of crisis. South Australians I love your friendliness and openness. Many blessings and thanks. New Zealand