The CareWorks Noarlunga Op shop has been operating for well over 15 years, and is now resident in a new shed. 
There are always new delights to be found on Mon, Wed and Fri mornings when the shop is open.

There are also an abundance of volunteers, although more would be welcome. 

Their cheerful personalities offer a warming welcome to all that enter our door, whether potential shoppers or clients.

The Op shop also supports CareWorks be providing clothes for those in need.

Emergency Relief

At CareWorks Noarlunga, we offer support in times of great need.

We assist with providing food parcels to all who need one. (Food vouchers are only offered when there are special needs.)

We are also able to offer help with the cost of prescriptions, bus tickets, and school shoes.
We can also provide clothing and blankets.
We can even help out with bills in special circumstances.

Our café provides people with nourishing soup in winter and scones or hot food.
As well we have a range of fruit and vegetables that people can take home.

We do our very best to assist people wherever we can. There are people ready to listen and lend a hand.


Food@Five is a community meal held every Tuesday night of the school term.

Here the hall is transformed with nicely set tables and guests are served a two course meal.

People come not only to enjoy the meal but to enjoy fellowship. 

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