Accident Report Form

Information about the

Who to Report to:

Program Manager: Events that are minor in nature, don’t involve personal injury and don’t result in a material impact on operations. 

CEO: Events that require first aid and temporary, non-serious impact on operations.

Board: Events which:

  • Have a likelihood of resulting in legal processes; 
  • Arise from failure to comply with legislation, CareWorks’ constitution, policies and procedures
  • Meet the criteria set down in the Work Health and Safety Act 2012, Part 3- Incident notification 
  • Have a likelihood of resulting in a negative reputational impact.
  • Have a likelihood of resulting in a significant negative impact on the organisation’s operations

Members: Events that would have a significant material impact on the organisation’s ability to continue to function. It is the Boards responsibility to determine if an event fits this category.

Details of the